Home Based Care

Pesach Tikvah offers a broad range of vital programs including Home Health Care Management and Home & Community Based services. The purpose of these services is to integrate the therapeutic process into the home, and to provide support to both clients and caregivers.

Health Home / Care Management

Pesach Tikvah's Health Home / Care Management program mitigates the difficulty of balancing life obligations, medical, educational, and other needs that some people may find challenging due to intrinsic or extraneous circumstances. Dedicated Care Managers provide guidance and supporting resources. Care Managers often collaborate with client's family, care givers, medical, and mental health teams to support our clients in the most effective way. This program is available for both adults and children.

CORE / Home & Community Based Services

For eligible Medicaid clients with a history of mental health diagnoses, Pesach Tikvah's CORE program (Community Oriented Recovery and Empowerment) and HCBS program (Home & Community Based Services) offer a customized array of services based on each client's needs. Providers can meet with clients in their homes or community settings. Services provided include: job counseling and ongoing workplace support, educational support, daily living skills support, peer support, in-home counseling, and social skills counseling.

Children's Home & Community Based Services

Home & Community Based Services (HCBS) are designed to serve children and youth in non-institutionalized settings that enable them to stay at home and in the community. Services are individualized to meet the physical health, developmental, and behavioral health needs of each child/youth.