Key Employees
Dr. Irwin Shinder, Psy.D.
Dr. Irwin Shindler, Psy.D.
Chief Executive Officer
P: 718.875.6900 x 133
F: 718.875.6999

Dr. Irwin Shindler has been CEO of Pesach Tikvah since March 2000. During his tenure, Dr. Shindler has been instrumental in transforming Pesach Tikvah from a small community based facility into a multi-faceted mental health center, serving the broader New York and New Jersey communities. Additionally, Dr. Shindler fields mental health questions from the world over and is active on numerous boards.

Dr. Shindler has been in the field of Psychology since 1981. He received his B.A. from Adelphi University, and M.A. degree from the New School of Social Research Graduate Faculty. He received a Masters in education (equivalent) from Long Island University and Doctorate (Psy.D.) in psychology from Yeshiva University Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology. Dr. Shindler is a New York and New Jersey state licensed psychologist, and maintains a busy after hours private practice, where he specializes in anxiety, OCD, and teens at risk.

Mrs. Bas Shevy Miller
Chief Financial Officer
P: 718.875.6900 x 125
F: 718.875.6999

Bas Shevy Miller graduated from The City University of New York in 1999 with a degree in accounting, and shortly thereafter earned her CPA. She specializes in nonprofit accounting, and began her career at the New York City firm of Loeb & Troper. Mrs. Miller has been the Chief Financial Officer at Pesach Tikvah since 2003. Her years of experience have enabled Pesach Tikvah to grow exponentially, while maintaining a sterling reputation and a solid financial foundation.

Dr. Joseph Hershkowitz
Rabbi Joseph Hershkowitz
Director of Development
and Community Relations
P: 718.875.6900 x 113
F: 718.875.6999

Rabbi Joseph Hershkowitz joined Pesach Tikvah in 1988 as director of development and community relations. Being the parent of a developmentally disabled child, Rabbi Hershkowitz has a unique advantage when it comes to connecting with those in need of Pesach Tikvah's services. His exceptional personality combined with his ability to get things done, have earned him a well deserved nomination on Good Fortune's top twenty list of Orthodox Jews who have made, and continue to make, a mark in a variety of endeavors.

With his strong will to make a difference in the lives of children with developmental disabilities, Rabbi Hershkowitz personally started some of Pesach Tikvah’s innovative programs. The annual Orlando trip was the brainchild of Rabbi Hershkowitz, and he continues to make this trip possible each year. He is the driving force behind the children’s after school program, as well as the summer day camp at Pesach Tikvah.

Dr. Joseph Hershkowitz
Mr. Arthur Heimowitz, LCSW
Director of Pesach Tikvah's
Family Services Center
P: 718.875-6900 x 126
F: 718.875.3282

Arthur Heimowitz serves as Director of Pesach Tikvah's Family Services Center, as well as its school based satellite services. Mr. Heimowitz is a graduate of Wurzweiler School of Social Work, and has over fourteen years of clinical and administrative experience in mental health settings. Mr. Heimowitz has built a wonderful working relationship with both the Hassidic and Latino communities, providing bilingual services that are offered in a culturally sensitive manner. Mr. Heimowitz's clinical interests include the use of CBT in treating children and adolescents. Additionally, Mr. Heimowitz specializes in treating families dealing with issues that arise as a result of separation and divorce.

Dr. Eisdorfer
Dr. Miriam Eisdorfer, Psy.D.
Director of
Supervision & Training
P: 718.875-6900 x 109
F: 718.875.3282

Dr. Miriam Eisdorfer is a licensed clinical psychologist and is the Director of Supervision & Training at Pesach Tikvah. She was formerly the director of the Pesach Tikvah Family Services Center. Dr. Eisdorfer graduated Summa Cum Laude from Brooklyn College with a B.A. in psychology and went on to receive her Masters and Doctorate (Psy.D.) degrees from Yeshiva University's Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology. She has experience treating children, adolescents, adults, couples, and geriatric patients, with a range of diagnostic issues, and has worked in hospitals, nursing homes and clinics. Dr. Eisdorfer currently has a private practice in Brooklyn and is a candidate at the Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies in Manhattan.

Mrs. Ryba
Mrs. Miriam Ryba
Director of Pesach Tikvah's
Community Habilitation
P: 718.875.6900 x 130
F: 718.875.6999

Miriam Ryba has been working at Pesach Tikvah since 1996. She joined the organization after years of working with individuals with developmental disabilities, and their families. Currently, Mrs. Ryba is the director of Pesach Tikvah's Community Habilitation Services. This program assists children and adults with various developmental disabilities who are living with their families. In addition, she runs the Camp Reimbursement Program, and supervises the Waiver Respite program. Mrs. Ryba has added much to Pesach Tikvah, and has created a unique relationship with the staff that she oversees.

Mrs. Katz
Ms. Brenda Katz, LCSW
Director of Pesach Tikvah
Continuing Day Treatment
P: 718.875.6900 x 118
F: 718.855.4660

Brenda Katz is a graduate of Yeshiva University's Wurzweiler School of Social Work. She began working in the Pesach Tikvah Continuing Day Treatment Program in 1991 and became the program director in 1999. Ms. Katz's responsibilities include staff supervision, NYC and NYS audit preparation, individual therapy, case management and chart review. Her warmth has added a special touch to the program where she has created genuine connections with the people she helps.

Mrs. Shindler
Mrs. Chanie Shindler
Director of Pesach Tikvah's
Women's Community Residence
P: 718.782.3900
F: 718.782.2749

Chanie Shindler has been the director of Pesach Tikvah's Women's Community Residence since 2000. In her years as the residence director, she has transformed the residence from a cold residential setting to a warm home-like environment for the women in her care. Working tirelessly on securing government grants, as well as private donations, Mrs. Shindler has been instrumental in giving the women a special place to live. She arranges trips and special activities, and is personally involved with each and every consumer. Specially trained in state regulations, Mrs. Shindler has consistently attained near perfect annual state audits.

Mr. Israel Tropper
Mr. Israel Tropper
Manager & QIDP
at Pesach Tikvah's
Women's Community Residence
P: 718.782.3900
F: 718.782.2749

Israel Tropper joined the staff at Pesach Tikvah's Women's Community Residence in 2002. He worked with the special needs population since 1988, holding numerous managerial and supervisory positions. Mr. Tropper is AMAP certified and is a SCIP-R instructor. He is trained in quality assurance and state regulatory compliance for OPWDD residential and community based programs. Mr. Tropper is responsible for staff training and is an OPWDD incident investigation coordinator.

Mrs. Sperber
Mrs. Esther Sperber
Director of Pesach Tikvah's
Family Respite Services
P: 718.875.6900 x 112
F: 718.875.6999

Esther Sperber began working in Pesach Tikvah in 1998. She joined the staff after many years of working with special needs children. Currently running the Pesach Tikvah after school program, Mrs. Sperber is responsible for providing the children in her care a warm multi faceted program that enables each child to realize their maximum potential. The goal of the program is to give much needed respite to the families of the special children, and to create a positive, warm environment, where the children can grow and develop.

Dr. Armin Kelleter, Ph.D.
Dr. Armin Kelleter, Ph.D.
Director of Quality Assurance
Compliance Officer
P: 718.875.6900 x 155
F: 718.875.3282

Armin Kelleter received his masters degree in General Psychology and his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the New School for Social Research in New York. At the New School, Dr. Kelleter was trained in a range of therapeutic approaches including long and short-term Psychodynamic Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. His clinical experience includes inpatient and outpatient hospital settings, school-based mental health, and community mental health. Dr. Kelleter has experience working with individuals experiencing a wide range of difficulties including depression, anxiety, psychotic conditions, and personality disorders.

Mr. Zalman Kotzen, LCSW
Mr. Zalman Kotzen, LCSW
Director of Pesach Tikvah's
Geriatric Services
P: 718.875.6900 x 141
F: 718.875.6999

Zalman Kotzen is a Clinical Social Worker licensed in New York and New Jersey. Originally from South Africa, Mr. Kotzen completed his Masters in Social Work at Wurzweiler School of Social Work in 1989. Mr. Kotzen oversees home-based and clinic-based geriatric mental health services, the distribution of emergency funds on behalf of the Claims Conference, and the activities of a network of volunteers. He has been involved in the development of innovative programming for this population, including a Supportive Community Program, and others. Mr. Kotzen also provides clinical supervision to a number of the agency's social workers. In his spare time, he lectures at Touro College.

Mr. Joe Bistricer
Mr. Joe Bistricer
Director of Pesach Tikvah's
Community Residences
P: 718.486.5800
F: 718.486.6078

Joe Bistricer earned his bachelor's degree at Ner Israel Rabbinical College (NIRC),and then continued his liberal arts education at the New School for Social Research, before entering the work force. Since then, Mr. Bistricer has earned several certificates in finance, administration and forensic social work from NYU. Mr. Bistricer joined Pesach Tikvah in April of 1991. Currently the director of Pesach Tikvah's Community Residence, he provides housing for Pesach Tikvah's clients in need of residential services. His studies, as well as his life experience, have been invaluable resources, enabling him to successfully operate several homes throughout the Brooklyn area.

Mr. Eddie Simcha, LMSW
Mr. Eddie Simcha, LMSW
Director of Pesach Tikvah's
Sunday Outpatient Clinic;
Intake Coordinator
at Pesach Tikvah's
Outpatient Clinic
P: 718.875.6900 x 117
F: 718.875.3282

Eddie Simcha is a Licensed Social Worker who received his degree from Hunter College School of Social Work. Mr. Simcha has received specialized training in play therapy and is EMDR certified. In working with children, adolescents, and adults he deals with a range of issues such as anxiety, depression, social problems, and abuse. Mr. Simcha runs the Sunday Outpatient Clinic program and coordinates intakes for the Outpatient Clinic. Mr. Simcha works for Pesach Tikvah's Continuing Day Treatment Program as well and lectures part time at a local college.

Ms. Rivkie Lebovits, LCSW
Assistant Director
of Pesach Tikvah's
Family Services Center
P: 718.875.6900 x 108
F: 718.875.3282

Rivkie Lebovits is a graduate of Fordham University. She has several years of experience providing individual and family therapy to children, adolescents and adults. Ms. Lebovits works with a variety of issues including: anxiety, stress, depression, adjustment issues, and mood disorders. In addition, she is a certified EMDR practitioner and works with victims of trauma. Ms. Lebovits serves as assistant director of Pesach Tikvah's Family Services Center.

Chaim Winter, LCSW
Mr. Chaim Winter, LCSW
Supervisor at Pesach Tikvah's
Family Services Center
P: 718.875.6900 x 122
F: 718.875.3282

Chaim Winter is a graduate of Yeshiva University's Wurzweiler School of Social Work. He deals with trauma issues in children and adults and is a certified filial therapist from the Family Enhancement Institute. Mr. Winter has received training from the Mid-Manhattan Institute for Psychoanalysis and the Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies. He is a New York State certified CASAC/addiction specialist, and is a certified play therapist. Mr. Winter is a supervisor in the Pesach Tikvah Family Service Center, and has helped advance the level of expertise of the Pesach Tikvah staff.

Clinic Staff
Alisa Boymelgreen, LCSW

Alisa Boymelgreen is a graduate of Yeshiva University's Wurzweiler School of Social Work. Her psychotherapy experience includes working at the JBFCS, counseling in private practice, and her current position as an adult, child, and couples therapist at Pesach Tikvah. Alisa's skills in psychodynamic/psychoanalytic and behavioral work often focus on understanding and strengthening parenting and family dynamics. Alisa is also a founding member of Luria Academy, a Jewish Montessori school in Brooklyn.

Yehuda Gartenhaus, LMSW

Yehuda Gartenhausis a graduate of Long Island University School of Social Work, as well as Northcentral University. He has extensive experience dealing with children and adolescents with a variety of issues. Yehuda is currently doing ongoing training in play therapy as well as dealing with trauma clients.

Leah Gold, LMSW

Leah Gold is a graduate of Long Island University School of Social Work. She has worked with a wide variety of clinical populations including children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly. Leah strives to provide exceptional service to her clients through utilizing a goal-oriented approach, combined with an understanding of each individual's needs.

Rifky Herman, LMSW

Rifky Herman is a graduate of Long Island University School of Social Work. She has certification in substance and alcohol abuse treatment with children, adolescents, and families. Rifky has experience in providing individual and family therapy to clients with adjustment disorders, anxiety, depression, and mood disorders.

Eliezer Hilman, LMSW

Eliezer Hilman is a graduate of Long Island University School of Social Work. He is currently studying psychoanalysis at the Object Relations Institute and has received extensive training, certification, and supervision in Sand Play Therapy. In addition, Eliezer has also been trained in CBT at the Beck Institute.

Chananya Hoffinger, LMSW

Chananya Hoffinger is a graduate of Long Island University School of Social Work. He has a CASAC-T for working with addictions, and has worked with children, teens, and adults presenting a wide range of issues. Chananya has been a high school teacher for the past seven years, and currently continues in this position, where he works with struggling teens. In the Pesach Tikvah Family Services Center, Chananya places a strong emphasis on creating a safe, non-judgmental, and comfortable environment for his clients to explore and discuss their feelings and difficulties.

Dr. Eliot Kirschenbaum, Psy.D.

Dr. Eliot Kirschenbaum is a graduate of Yeshiva University's Ferkauf School of Psychology. He has been associated with Pesach Tikvah since its inception, and was closely involved in the development of the outpatient clinic, day treatment program, and residential services. Dr. Kirchenbaum has extensive experience with clinical adolescent therapy as well as working with adults and couples via a relationship-based approach. Dr. Kirchenbaum is a clinical psychologist/adjustment professional at Kings County Psychiatric hospital, as well as Downstate medical school.

Mendel Kraus, LMSW

Mendel Kraus is a graduate of Long Island University's School of Social Work. He specializes in the treatment of children and adolescents with mental illness and/or problems in the family system. Mendel has been receiving additional training in play therapy, child and adolescent psychotherapy, and the treatment of victims of child abuse.

Chedva Lax, LMSW

Chedva Lax is a graduate of Barnard College and Adelphi University. She currently practices psychotherapy with individuals, couples, and families. Chedva has extensive specialized education in treating depression, anxiety, and OCD, and has studied Gottmans Couples Therapy.

Daisy Lopez, LCSW

Daisy Lopez is a graduate of Hunter College School of Social Work. She has experience and training in crisis intervention, family therapy, domestic violence, and couple therapy. Daisy is a Spanish speaking bilingual therapist who treats adults, children, and families.

Goldie Mandel, LCSW

Goldie Mandel is a graduate of Fordham University School of Social Services. She has experience working with individuals and families. Goldie works with a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, parenting issues and marital discord. She is certified in EMDR trauma therapy and is bilingual in English and Yiddish.

Dr. Rachel Michaels, MD

Dr. Rachel Michaels is a board certified psychiatrist. She graduated from the University of Chicago with honors and attended medical school at the SUNY Health Science Center in Brooklyn. Dr. Michaels was elected to the position of chief resident, while completing her training at Maimonides Medical Center. She has 20 years of experience in inpatient settings, outpatient clinics, and day treatment programs, as well as in private practice. Dr. Michaels specializes in the pharmacological treatment of psychiatric disorders.

Yocheved Rabinowitz, LMSW

Yocheved Rabinowitz is a graduate of Fordham University School of Social Services. She interned at Pesach Tikvah and continues to provide individual psychotherapy to children, adults, and families. Yocheved has many years of experience working with adolescents in the school system.

Dr. Estella Reyes, MD

Dr. Estella Reyes is a board certified psychiatrist.She has worked in a variety of facilities including Kings County Hospital, ACT Teams, various homeless shelters, and community mental health clinics, including MICA facilities. Dr. Reyes treats major refractory mental illness such as schizophrenia, bipolar,and schizo affective disorder, as well as major depressive disorders.

Levi Rosen, LCSW

Levi Rosen is a graduate of Yeshiva University's Wurzweiler School of Social Work. He provides group and individual psychotherapy to children, adults and families. Levi has experience working with diverse populations exhibiting a wide range of issues including adjustment disorders, developmental delays and SPMI, mood and thought disorders, and personality disorders.

Cintia Rozental, M.A.

Cintia Rozental received her Master's degree in Psychology from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2002. She is currently completing her masters in Social Work at Touro College in New York. Cintia has worked as a bilingual psychotherapist doing individual and group therapy for several years. She specializes in working with the Latino community.

Maria Santos, LCSW

Maria Santos is a graduate of Fordham University School of Social Services. She is a bilingual, Spanish speaking psychotherapist with over twenty years experience. Ms. Santos deals with children, individuals, and families. She works with clients presenting a variety of issues, such as anxiety, depression, adjustment and mood disorders as well as personality disorders.

Lazer Schwarcz, LCSW

Lazer Schwarcz is a graduate of Yeshiva University's Wurzweiler School of Social Work. He divides his time between the clinic and his own private practice. Lazer formerly worked in a private high school, helping teenage boys who came from various backgrounds. Lazer specializes in working with children and adolescents who have behavioral issues, depression, and anxiety, as well as social issues.

Yerachmiel Stern, LMSW

Yerachmiel Stern is a graduate of Touro College School of Social Work. He is a Sand Play therapist and specializes in psychotherapy with adolescents and adults. Yerachmiel focuses on issues such as anxiety, stress, depression, and ADHD. He has a B.S. degree in Speech Pathology, which has enhanced his work greatly.

Devorah Taitelbaum, LCSW

Devorah Taitelbaum is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work, and is licensed in the states of Pennsylvania and New York. With certification as a Home and School visitor, Devorah has years of experience working with children in the school and clinic settings. In addition, she has worked with special needs children,and children in special education programs. Devorah currently works with adult women dealing with anxiety, family related stressors, and personality disorders, as well as with varying developmental disabilities. She also has experience in marriage counseling, parenting consultation, and family systems therapy, and is a certified EMDR therapist.

Susan Weinberger, LMSW

Susan Weinberger is a graduate of Touro College School of Social Work. She has experience working with the geriatric population, both in Pesach Tikvah, and in other community organizations. Susan spends much time assisting Holocaust Survivors, and facilitates a monthly support group for their families. In addition, she is involved in the clinic, providing therapy for children, adults and couples. Susan's therapy modality includes narrative, creative arts and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Mr. Wolf Friedman
President, Board of Directors
Rabbi Aron Shmiel Jaccobowitz
Vice President, Board of Directors
Rabbi David Niederman
Chairperson, Board of Directors
Mr. Moshe Ryba
Treasurer, Board of Directors
Members of Board of Directors
Mr. Joseph Gross

Mr. David Mayerowitz

Mr. Zevi Steinmetz
Rabbi Naftuli Weiss

Mr. Shimon Weiser