About Us

Pesach Tikvah - Door of Hope, was opened in 1983 to close a gaping hole in the communal fabric of North Brooklyn: the lack of an organization dedicated to the mental health needs of Jewish individuals.

In the absence of any viable resource or respite for people struggling with emotional, developmental, and psychiatric disabilities, the name Door of Hope was hardly a metaphor. In fact, Pesach Tikavh's doors led to the first hope for thousands of North Brooklyn residents in desperate need of mental health services and advocacy. Now, for many, the hope of a productive, rewarding life was suddenly within reach.

Happy and content childrens activities at Pesach Tikvah
Pesach Tikvah's dedicated professional staff includes licensed doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and certified nutritionists. Together, these skilled practitioners create an atmosphere which meets the needs of its current clientele, while proactively recognizing and responding to the evolving needs of Pesach Tikvah's surrounding communities.
Pesach Tikvah
successfully meets the
needs of hundreds of
individuals each day.Pesach Tikvah
Providing more than quality care and endless emotional support- we strive to facilitate happiness!
The range of Pesach Tikvah's services is diverse, and its standards impressive. Through its highly acclaimed residential services, continuing day treatment program, waiver service provision, children's after-school activities, and counseling and respite services, as well as its geriatric division, Pesach Tikvah successfully meets the needs of hundreds of individuals each day.
Today, Pesach Tikvah remains the only organization of its kind in North Brooklyn. Unique for its sensitivity and accommodation of the special cultural and linguistic needs of the Jewish community, Pesach Tikvah is, nevertheless, widely recognized for its capacity to meet the needs of all patients, regardless of religion, race, or ability to pay.
Much has changed from the days when no door was opened to residents of North Brooklyn with special needs. At the forefront of this monumental shift is Pesach Tikvah, continuing to realize the principles guiding its original mission...and leading the way in flexibility, innovation, and genuine concern for the men, women, and children who enter its doors seeking help.