Medicaid service coordination for developmentally disabled
Services for the Developmentally Disabled
Women's Community Residence (Intermediate Care Facility)
No one understands how difficult it was for me to place my 35 year old daughter in a residence. With my husband and I getting older, it was just impossible to continue caring for her at home. It makes me feel good to know that my daughter is being well taken care of and that she is getting the warmth and professional attention she needs.
The Pesach Tikvah Women's Community Residence is a beautiful home where 24-hour care is provided for women with serious developmental disabilities. The home provides kosher food, and ensures that the residents can observe the Jewish traditions that they cherish, including Sabbath and holidays, while promoting a high level of community integration, and superior quality of care.

The home is staffed with an in-house cook, medical doctor, nurse, psychologist, and a team of professional direct care workers who ensure the ladies' well being. The higher functioning consumers are often taken on trips, and are included in many local events.

The comfortable residence is constantly being upgraded to ensure the women an attractive, neat home. With only two consumers per bedroom, each and every bedroom is tastefully decorated to give the women the real feel of home.
Medicaid Service Coordination
Pesach Tikvah made sense out of my confusion. Their warm staff was so knowledgeable, and always willing to go the extra mile. They provided me with information regarding what help is out there and where to go to get it.
The Pesach Tikvah Service Coordination program assists families and individuals with developmental disabilities. Trained coordinators provide assistance, advocacy, and services based on an individual's developmental needs.

The service coordinator assists in planning and identifying valued outcomes and personal goals. Likewise, under the guidance of a direct supervisor, coordinators oversee medical, educational, recreational, and all other services necessary for the individual's development.
Intermediate care facility for developmentally disabled