Enjoyable activities included in our mental health services
Mental Health Services
Continuing Day Treatment Program
Ten years ago, when my eighteen-year-old son suffered from yet another mental health episode, my wife and I were torn trying to decide whether or not to institutionalize him. We both worked long, hard days to support our family and could not allow him to be home unsupervised. A neighbor recommended that we look into Pesach Tikvah's Day Treatment Program. It was the best advice anyone ever gave us. He has been happily attending this program daily for the last ten years, allowing us to maintain our stable lives while enjoying our son's presence in our home.
The Pesach Tikvah Day Treatment Program serves adults, ages 18 and older, who struggle with acute mental illness, in a culturally appropriate environment. The Continuing Day Treatment Program offers a wide range of services aimed at enabling clients to attain rehabilitation goals that they set for themselves. A small client to staff ratio, and an on-staff psychiatrist, ensure personal attention. The program includes individual and group therapy, workshops, door-to-door transportation, and hot lunch daily. This program provides a safe, warm, and growth-oriented environment for its members.
Community Residence
A social service worker introduced Sam to our residence. She had been handed his file, as the local State Hospital was ready to discharge him. The caseworker was given strict instructions to see to it that Sam was placed in a culturally appropriate home. After doing a bit of research, she learned that Sam was of the Jewish faith and had no family able to care for him and meet his social/emotional needs. Suffering from a serious mental health disorder, it was difficult for him to succeed in society. After careful review, Sam was found to be an appropriate match for our residence and we were glad to welcome him to his new home.
The Pesach Tikvah Community Residence is for men, ages 18 and older, struggling with chronic and serious emotional challenges, which impact their ability to live independently. It simulates a normal living environment, while preparing individuals to eventually live in a less restrictive setting. Staffed 24 hours a day, the residence encourages an independent atmosphere by training clients to accept responsibility for their lives. The clients are taught to administer their own medication, tend to their personal hygiene, complete household chores, and integrate into the community. The Community Residence provides a warm, caring and culturally appropriate environment where Kosher meals are always available. Sabbath, as well as various holidays ,are enthusiastically honored in a warm and meaningful way.
Supported Housing Program
Since my son has joined the Supported Housing program, he has grown tremendously in all areas. He is slowly becoming more and more independent. I can't believe how far he has come.
The supported housing program is for clients who have graduated the Community Residence Program. In this stage, the individual has acquired sufficient skills to manage his life independently with minimal supports. The individual is then able to successfully transition from group living, to living in a shared private two-bedroom apartment, or alone in a studio. With less intense supervision, the individual can be helped to move toward full community integration and independence.
Family Services Center (Outpatient Clinic)
It was hard coming to Pesach Tikvah at first, as I was afraid people would see me coming and going.
But I am getting so much help from my therapist and psychiatrist that I now feel comfortable coming,
and actually look forward to my appointment. I would never have made it without them. The respectful,
yet warm, family-like atmosphere makes it so much easier for me to get the help I need.
The Pesach Tikvah Family Services Center, an outpatient clinic, offers a full range of mental health services, including assessment, diagnosis, psychotherapy, psychiatric services and medication therapy. The clinic services a broad range of individuals. Our licensed therapists are trained to help people deal with marital strife, as well as helping children with behavioral issues. Our staff is also well trained to treat more acute problems such as depression, anxiety, OCD, phobias and eating disorders. Many of our therapists are
multi-lingual, and all keep up-to-date with new research, different modalities of treatment, and
improved methods. By providing superior services and counseling, Pesach Tikvah helps
people function better in social, professional, and academic settings.
Superior medical care is the foundation of our mental health services