Same private and quality care, now a school based service
School Based Services
School Based Satellite Clinics
Sara, at ten, is the oldest of seven children. Her family lives in a crowded 3-bedroom apartment. Her father has been out of a job for two years. Sara has a hard time making friends and is ostracized by her classmates. Sara used to laugh a lot. Now she never smiles. She has recently started skipping school. If there would be one Sara, it would be a tragedy. Unfortunately, there are many.
Pesach Tikvah, with the encouragement and support of the NYS Office of Mental Health, has established satellite clinics in local private schools. These satellites have enabled students to receive the high quality services available at our flagship clinic in Williamsburg, without having to leave the school building. This is particularly beneficial to the students whose long day of studies often leave them with little time to attend therapy sessions. Additionally, it precludes the necessity of parents having to bring their children
to weekly appointments.
Title I Program
As hard as he tried, Sam just couldn't seem to pass a test. He started panicking just at hearing that there
will be a test, and completely shut down the day of the exam. As a fourth grade teacher for nearly twelve
years, I've yet to come across a child whose anxiety resulted in such academic under achievement.
Pesach Tikvah, through the Department of Education's Title I program provides school based counseling to students suffering academically, due to mental health issues. The program is geared specifically to those children whose day-to-day learning is being impacted negatively by their social or emotional challenges. By bringing the counseling into the schools, Pesach Tikvah's therapists can work closely with the child's teacher, and can assure that the child is receiving the best care for their needs. The success of this program has been tremendous, and has helped children deal with their issues,
as well as succeed in school.
Developmentally disabled and social services now available as School Based Services