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After-School Respite Program
My children all know that Rebecca is special and requires more of my time. However, when all five of my children walk through the door together at the end of the school day, they are hungry, tired and cranky - and they need attention that I can't give them when Rebecca is around. These few hours were the hardest part of the day for me until we found Pesach Tikvah's After-School Respite Program. I know that Rebecca loves going, and my other children get the love and attention they need. This program is a dream for the parent of a special needs child and for each and every one of their siblings.
Pesach Tikvah's After-School Respite Program is for children 3-16 years of age with developmental disabilities including: autism, cerebral palsy and seizure disorders. This innovative program provides daily recreational activities in a warm and nurturing setting. As this program runs after-school, Sundays, and legal holidays, it provides much needed respite for the families, who are often overwhelmed with the care of their special needs children.

The Respite Program's facility has recently been completely renovated. The location is an ideal environment for the children to flourish. With the dedication of the warm and caring staff, the children have a great time participating in stimulating activities. The happy and fun-filled atmosphere helps stimulate the growth and development of these challenged children.
Camp Bais Chana 
Special Children's Enhanced Respite Summer Day Camp
Every year as the weather gets warmer, my siblings and I look forward to spending our summer in day camp. Mommy told me that this year, Izzy would be able to experience day camp too. I think I will have a better summer knowing that my special little brother will have a place to go where he can also have fun!
The Camp Bais Chana Enhanced Respite Summer Day Camp grants children with special needs the opportunity to experience one of the most memorable parts of childhood. Each year the day camp opens its doors to children with disabilities, allowing their families a much needed respite, while giving the children a wholesome summer. With intensive staff to child ratios, and activities tailored to their unique needs, the children look forward to camp all year.
Summer Camp Scholarship Program
It was Nathan's 11th birthday and three of his friends came over for a little party. We brought his birthday cake over to his wheel chair, and told him to make a wish before he blows out the candles. Nathan closed his eyes, and everyone got quiet. "I…I…I wish I can to go to sleep away camp this summer, like all other eleven-year-olds" Nathan said. My husband shot me a glance as we both knew that such a wish was way out of our means. With all the expenses we had, there was no way we could afford to send Nathan to sleep away camp. After the birthday party, my husband and I decided that we would try whatever we could to make Nathan's wish come true. After much research, we realized that Pesach Tikvah would be the one to help make our Nathan's wish come true!
Pesach Tikvah's Summer Camp Scholarship Program helps the families of children with disabilities send their disabled children to sleep away camp. With the every day expenses of raising a child with special needs, Pesach Tikvah's financial assistance can often be the deciding factor as to whether a child will have the opportunity to spend their summer in a beautiful upstate camp, or be stuck in the hot, humid city.

Pesach Tikvah has a specific committee responsible for overseeing the application, and acceptance process. The committee meets to discuss each case, and decides how funds should be allocated. This process insures that Pesach Tikvah can maximize the available funds, and impact the lives of many disabled children.
Annual Orlando Trip
In the mind of every child Orlando, Florida is synonymous with fun and good times. Families have albums of memories from their trips there, and kids talk about it for years after they've been there. I myself still talk about when I went there as a little girl. I was so happy to hear that Pesach Tikvah was going to give my special child the opportunity to be a real kid!
Since winter of 2000, Pesach Tikvah has arranged a special Orlando trip for high functioning children with Down Syndrome. A personal counselor accompanies each child during the entire trip, allowing the children to have a great time, while staying safe. The trip lasts only a few days, but keeps the children excited all year long. It allows the children the opportunity to feel like every other kid, and leaves him or her with everlasting memories.

This wonderful trip is made possible strictly through the magnificent generosity of private donors, who understand that children with disabilities need and deserve the chance to feel special too. Each year, additional donors contribute to this program, making it possible for us to accommodate additional children.
Community Habilitation Services
Debbie loves the time she spends with her Pesach Tikvah counselor. Every Wednesday she wakes
up excited to go out and learn new things. So far she's mastered the use of money, and how to
safely cross the street.
Pesach Tikvah's Community Habilitation services have been serving the community since 1997.
This unique program offers individuals with disabilities an opportunity to improve their community
integration, basic safety, housekeeping, personal care, and daily living skills. Each consumer is designed
a custom plan that suits their needs. Pesach Tikvah's objective is to help each individual reach their
full potential, and accomplish the goals they've set.

The dedicated staff encourage the consumer to make friends within the community, and assist
them in doing so. In addition, Pesach Tikvah funds recreational activities to help promote growth
in a particular area that will be beneficial to the consumer.
Custom Childrens' Services Care